The story behind" BLUE SKIES"-

   I wrote this song in the midst of one of the hardest times in our life, let me give you a quick overview. At the beginning of 2008 I got arrested for a DUI ,cases seem to take a long time in the judicial system to pan out. While this case was pending in the court systems God brought me an amazing wife and 2/27/09 we had our first child. April 2009 rolls around and I finally got convicted this was my second and it came with 4 month a sentence. I will never forget the day we were driving to the jail to drop me off for my first evening, we started reading a book "The Travelers Gift"  by Andy Andrews and it was a game changer. I don't think we could have read any other book at the time and got the information we needed at the exact time we needed it. The first step the book is taking responsibility for your past . Looking back on this situation Once we did this it seemed that this decision was the preparation that we needed to take on the next 120 days. I owned my own pressure washing business and we lived on a farm where I took care of the animals,.. so the daily routine for my wife looked like this, up at 4:30am (we lived 30 minute drive from the jail) ,got our son loaded up, went to get me at the jail at 6:30,we would go to pressure washing jobs, go back to the house so I could still take care of the animals be back to the jail around 6:30,then get up and do it again. 
   Just like the painting depicts, God came along side to assist us because looking back I am still not sure how we made it through,(we had to pay the jail 100$ a week just to get out ,then our rent  , we put 30,000 miles on our car in those 4 months,...). What we learned is that for the natural to change first you have to change the inside and how you are looking at your circumstances,... So in the midst of this situation I started writing about the good in life that God had given me and not focusing on the negative situation all around us " nothing but blue skies ahead thought the sun would never shines again......., a new day is rising oh what perfect timing I got the sun shining down on me with nothing but blue skies ahead......  

Thoughts behind "One last Chance"-

   Chance is defined- a possibility of something happening , to do something despite of its uncertain outcome
   Faith is defined- belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence, the complete confidence in someone or something
Based off definition its obvious you have to have faith in order to take a chance. We all have belief in something but its that faith thing that sometimes is hard to get past.
You might be surprised how much you use faith in your everyday life, ..take for example...when you buy something at the store you have faith that the ingredients in the product are what they say they are: I am sure most of the population doesn't have a lab at there house to be able to test and approve every ingredient in the products. When you turn the ignition in your car you have faith that it will start,.... the list goes on and on .

"Without faith we overcome no obstacles, for we make no efforts."
                                                                        Charles Finney

So now that we know that faith isn't some crazy thing we never will use I want to challenge you to "Take the Chance to begin, because its never too late to start again...."


When i wrote this song i had not met my wife yet,.. i wrote  t.g.i.f.y.(which stands for thank God i found you)thinking of the woman i wanted to marry one day.
The Wife God has given me is above and beyond what i could've imagined in my wildest dreams.
Honey I love you sooooo much! You lift me up
,..i was searching for a love that was true until the day that i found you

Blue Skies featuring Judah Jackson 

Blue Skies is a song I wrote when my son Judah Jackson was born on 2/27/09 ,.. now he is the featured singer on the track,.. we are so proud of our son. I hope you enjoy the song :)

Moving to the beat of a heart 

Alpha over India's first release One Last Chance starts off with my daughters heartbeat,.. I was able to record that while we were waiting for her to come into the world on July 1st 2013.
Everything in Life has a beginning ,...its never too late to start again.